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For communities, for people, for nature – Hospitality with a Heart

Wild Hospitality is a social enterprise with an environmental and social mission. We took over the Boathouse Hotel on 1 October 2021 (we are still on our learning curve!), and our ultimate aim is to create an eco-hotel and community hub to lead the way for greener and more socially responsible hospitality. 

We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and implement greener working practices. Although we have much work left to do, we have already made significant strides to reduce our carbon footprint. To date this includes:

Group of children playing outside
  • Changed to 100% green energy suppliers

  • Recycling our used cooking oil

  • Swapping cleaning products for eco-friendly versions

  • Changing lightbulbs to LEDs (ongoing)

  • Reducing unnecessary kitchen equipment

  • Improving habitat across the hotel gardens and car park (ongoing)

  • Improving in-house recycling 

  • Regular litter picks

  • Growing some of our produce on site, e.g. veg and herbs

  • Recyclable packing for takeaway meals

  • Fitting new central heating breakers and thermostats to control the heat in different parts of the hotel

  • Bird feeder

  • Taking cod, an unsustainable fish, off the menu (despite the complaints!!)

  • Building and siting bird boxes

  • Fitting new radiator dials and thermostats on all radiators

  • Staff training to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainable working practices 

  • Purchasing Welsh fruit trees to provide fresh produce for the kitchen 

  • We are a Keep Wales Tidy litter hub

  • Holding 2 Nurture Nature events

  • Made 20 bird boxes with local children

  • New motion sensor lighting fitted throughout the corridors to bedrooms

  • New, more eco-friendly cooker

We are currently in the process of replacing kitchen equipment with eco-alternatives, though kitchen equipment is uber expensive, so it will take around 18 months to do this to our satisfaction! Future plans include carpets made from recycled fishing nets, solar panels, triple glazing, improving insulation, and buying our own land to grow more of our own produce to ensure it is organic from seed to table and grown without using natural pest and disease control to reduce the usage of pesticides, herbicides etc.

We are always seeking greener ways of working and seeking suppliers with a similar ethos therefore suggestions and green suppliers are welcomed. Please contact us.

Please note, though we aim to be as eco and environmentally conscious as we can, sometimes availability and the lack of local/Wales/UK suppliers and producers mean sadly it is not always possible due to what is needed to run a hotel.