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For communities, for people, for nature – Hospitality with a Heart


Wild Elements Hospitality will develop the Boathouse into an environmentally sustainable hotel and lively community hub offering provisions that foster community cohesion, improve personal well-being, provide educational opportunities, and promote environmental and social responsibility.

Overarching Organisational Objectives 

a)    To operate Wild Elements Hospitality in the North Wales area, in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable means as possible, including green energy, upcycled/recycled fixtures and fittings, and low carbon mileage menus;

b)    To provide events, activities, and provisions that foster more cohesive communities, reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, improve personal and community well-being, provide educational opportunities, and promote environmental and social responsibility;

c)    To provide accredited training and employment opportunities for volunteers, adults, and young people seeking work to enable them to develop skills and abilities, in the hospitality and environmental sectors enabling them to enter or re-engage with the employment market;

d)    To promote the development of the individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and well-being;

e)    To provide lively spaces and welcoming facilities where residents, visitors, and people from the surrounding areas can meet and socialise; 

f)    To improve the quality of life for residents and visitors, whilst promoting community spirit, Welsh culture, equality and diversity;

g)    To benefit wildlife and biodiversity through supporting local environmental and conservation improvements.